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Unbelievable Facts About North Korea

file photo provided by the North Korean government

North and South Korea may be neighbors, but these two states couldn’t be any more different. South Koreans have more rights, more knowledge, and more freedom to express themselves through their fashion and hairstyles. But their neighbors up north are often left in the dark unaware of what’s really going on throughout the rest of the world…

Let’s talk about the differences between north and South Korea.

Plastic Surgery

North Korea likes to tell its people that they’re at the forefront of every industry, including the beauty market. But this could be any further from the truth.
South Korea has proven to be a leader in the industry, and many beauty products and beauty rituals have begun there.

The world has taken notice of how influential the Southern State really is in the beauty world, and in 2015, makeup brand Estée Lauder even purchased an interest in a South Korean skincare company. Something like this would never happen in the North because North Koreans aren’t familiar with global beauty trends at all.

Plastic surgery is illegal in the Northern State, women don’t think twice about shelling out cash to subtly transform their looks. Many of them choose to have these procedures done because they believe being beautiful will increase their chances of finding a job far away from the constraints of North Korea.


If you’re looking for the latest in fashion in the pop culture trends, look no further than South Korea. The state is known for popularizing new fashion styles and inspiring fashionistas from all corners of the globe.

K-pop stars and other South Korean celebrities have brought colorful alternative fashion trends mainstream. But in North Korea, things are much different.

The only access they have to what’s hot and what’s not is from viewing smuggled materials, like Tv shows and Magazines. But unfortunately, they don’t get access to these images and videos until years after it has been released. This is why a lot of North Koreans are behind the times in terms of their fashion choices.

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