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Unbelievable Errors On Season 8, Episode 4 Provoked The Followers Of “Games Of Thrones”

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Unbelievable errors on Season 8, Episode 4 provoked The followers of “Games Of Thrones”, Some loyal followers are calling it The Worst Episode Ever.

Here are some criticisms on this episode:

  • A racist and misogynistic scenes: ” Missandei’s death is the show at its racist and misogynistic worst. They literally put her back in chains before chopping her head off to further the plot of other (white/male) characters.”

  • The transformation of ugly characters into peaceful characters in some scenes was meaningless: “Cersei, One of the most pitiless character, didn’t just kill all her enemies when they were right in front of her!”

  • Jon’s character has become more and more two-dimensional and the show is suffering as a result.

  • So much happened off-screen: “we didn’t get to see any pay-off on the latter in Missandei’s capture. We’ve barely gotten to see Jon dealing with the news, and now we don’t even see his family’s reaction.”

  • The Starks are not acting heroically: ” We’re still supposed to love them, and yet they’re acting exactly like the characters we most despise. “

  • Daenerys just helped save the damn North, at great loss to herself and her people but she is still being petty !!

  • Proposing Sansa to be RAPED AND TORTURED Although she was STRONG FROM THE START had no sense !!

  • Rhaegal’s death was purely for shock value and made no sense.

“Arya really left her family just to pursue her list again after all that?! That’s really what they’re going for with her?!! ”

” JAIME left BRIENNE after they finally got together To go back to Cersei? Absurd! ”

” The fact that Tyrion and Varys are turning on her when they are the ones who thought she was the Last Great Hope, makes no sense.”

” Euron Greyjoy is a boring, flat character who has had no effective development on the show but is brought in as a convenient plot device whenever he’s needed. His impact on the plot is completely unearned and unsatisfying”

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