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The World’s Weirdest Shoes

Some people search for the perfect shoes to compliment an outfit, while others want to find a pair to really stand up.

If you fall into the latter category, you’ll want to check out these blizzard, show-stopping shoes!
Let’s start shoe shopping.

Gun Hoof Shoes

When your two favorite hobbies are designing shoes and taxidermy, we suppose it’s no surprise that you came up with some pretty strange creations.
These appropriately titled “Gun Hoof” shoes are the work of Iris Schieferstein. She creates art, sculptures, and more using deceased animals as her raw material.
Schieferstein claims that she loves the way that horses move. So much, so that decided to make a pair of shoes out of hooves.and then added a gun, for reasons we’re unsure of. Especially since we’re reasonably sure that most horses aren’t in the habit of packing heat.
If you’re interested in a pair, be prepared to pay a steep price of $5,000.

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