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[Shocking] The World’s 21 Most Expensive Women’s Bags

Aaah! Women and bags. They go together like caramel, and well, nuts – really! Ever seen the lines at the cash tills during a 75% sale on Black Friday at Macy’s? A woman’s bag is usually her most prized possession, also because it contains the mysteries of her life (and some suspect also the kitchen sink!) Bags are not just fashion accessories. They are elevated to statements of style, taste, and personality as well as status and wealth. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive clutches, totes and other bags of all shapes and sizes – and the ridiculous price tags at which they come.

21. Fendi: B Bag – $27,700

Fendi is one of those designers who knows –really knows bags. In fact, owning an original Fendi bag is the dream of fashionistas the world over. The Fendi B Bag remains a very popular model, despite the staggering price tag of $27,700. As you will see from the other (pricier) entries of this list, it turns out that the Fendi B Bag is actually quite a bargain, in terms of high-end designer bags! The bag is available in various designs, including white lambskin and black crocodile.

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