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CBD Is The theme Kim Kardashian Picked For Her Baby Shower

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian posing

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a CBD themed baby shower for their expected fourth child, surprising!


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Thank you @jadellebh for making me the sickest stuff ✨

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If you are confused and you don’t know what does CBD means, well, it is a product extracted from marijuana plants, well, not only will make you high, haha, it is used also to sooth anxiety, ease pain and… as Kim demonstrated, celebrating children/ babies!

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian
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Take this as a Side note: it is not illegal in California. and not like weed, it doesn’t give you a psychoactive high)

Anyway, The queen of reality shows, had a lot of CBD going around at the baby shower. “Yesterday I had my CBD baby shower! Thank you to everyone who celebrated baby #4 with us! it was perfect! Thank you @mindyweiss & you team! And @hellomd_com & your team for making it happen” Kim poste don her Instagram story.

Kim’s guest had to create their own CBD bath salts

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian1

Guests also made CBD body oil.

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian oil

As you can see, a special planting arrangement was also made

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian plant

All the attendees did a Group sound bath to keep the chilling vibes on!

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian seating

Even Chrissy Teigen, John Legend’s wife was enjoying it!

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian Chrissy Teigen

Actually, it really looks like a very chill way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

CBD - Marijuiana - Kim Kardashian posing

Kim was telling her kids that she is really stressed about having her fourth child, this is why she decided to have a baby shower, although she thought “it was kinda ridiculous”


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Swipe! More from Kim’s CBD Baby Shower!

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She concluded her speech by asking her guests to either puff or put on some oil!

later on, after the event was over, everyone left with a lot of CBD products! funny!

Kim maybe also revealed the name of her fourth child, in a story on her Instagram, she posted the name “Robert Harut”, Robert was the name of her late father, and according to her explanation on the story post, Harut means, “He has risen” ohhhh!!

Well, Kim, it looked and felt like your Saturday afternoon was fun and everyone enjoyed being part of it! congrats to you and Kanye! Peace!

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