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The Most Weird Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth ‎II has been the queen of the United Kingdom for a very long time, so of course, there are bound to be things about her that come out over time.

Here are some facts and rules about her life, we tried to gather about her majesty as we could.

– Schooling

The queen never went to school at least not a school in the traditional sense, but she was obviously home-schooled by private tutors. Princess Margaret, the queen’s younger sister, was thought the same way.

They didn’t go to school, but they probably got a better education than any of us, a world-class education, a royal one.

– Nail polish choice

Queen Elizabeth seems to be quite set on the nail polish that she wears and has been primarily stuck on the same brand for years, since 1989.

It’s reported that she’s been a real fan of the color ballet slipper by ESSIE.

The polish pictured here sells for just 9 dollars per bottle, and Elizabeth hairdresser apparently wrote to Essie Weingarten requesting a bottle of the iconic shade in 1989 because the queen wouldn’t wear any of it, sticking to the same nail polish for nearly 30 years, it is also reportedly one of the Kate Middleton’s favorites as well.

-The purse

It said that if she places her bag on the floor, the queen wishes to be rescued from the conversation from which she is currently engaged, if it is set upon the table it’s a signal to her staff that she wants the event taking place to end in five or so minutes.

It’s also been said that her majesty owns over 200 Launer handbags.

-The queen has seen lots of presidents

Since she became the queen, she’s seen 13 different US presidents, and she’s met with all of them except Lyndon.B Johnson.

-lots of travel

She’s made lots and lots of trips overseas since she gained the throne and numbers are pretty staggering. She did 341 royal engagement in 2015, 333 in 2016 and 296 in 2017, crazy considering there are only 365 days in a year.

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