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The Most Shocking Rules The Royal Kids Are Required To Follow

Royal Family

Growing up as a member of the royal family has no shortage of perks. But there are some definite downsides.

Dress code

While his mother Kate Middleton is known for being a fashion icon, Prince George has his own fashion rules to follow.

The royal family is held to the highest standard when it comes to clothes. And pants on young boys are traditionally considered mundane.

All royal children are expected to follow traditional standards when it comes to fashion.Just like the adults in the family.

You definitely won’t be seeing any of these kids spotting graphic T-shirts or other items of casual clothing while out and about.

It’s the goal of the royal family to look timeless, and even the kids have to dress with this goal in mind.


Can you only imagine just how many gifts the royal children receive when they’re born!

When Prince William was born, he set the record for gifts received by getting 4,200 presents just for being born! Needless to say, there are a lot of rules about accepting gifts.. All of these presents technically belong to the grown, so the queen gets to decide what is kept. And unfortunately for the kids, the queen doesn’t accept unsolicited gifts for her grandchildren. Instead, these gifts are packaged and given to charity. How majestic!


At royal weddings or other momentous events, it’s not unusual for women to wear elaborate tiaras. These accessories are often shining with historical significance, as well as jewels.

There are particular rules about who can wear tiaras. In order, for a woman in the royal family to wear a tiara, she must be married, or it must be her wedding day.

Tiaras were traditionally meant to symbolize the loss of innocent and the “growing” of love, and the royal family still honors this tradition.

Social media

This won’t be a big deal for a few more years yet, but Prince George will soon be old enough to start having accounts on social media. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to follow him on Instagram because of a rigorous rule.

Members of the royal family are not allowed to have public social media accounts.


When raising children, it’s essential to teach them how to be polite in social situations. Of course, royal children are required to learn these protocols as well, but their expectations go above and beyond those of most children.


There may be a lot of rules to learn when you’re growing up in the royal family, but there are also a ton of benefits. Members of the royal family travel extensively, even at a very young age. Because they’re expected to interact with people all over the world, it’s imperative that children in the royal family learn to speak multiple languages. At a very young age, children are introduced to various languages and expected to master them eventually.

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