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Gyms, pools, beaches and bars to begin opening in Abu Dhabi hotels

Entertainment (live music for example) is prohibited, venues will be limited to 30 per cent capacity and a cap on visit durations has been set at three hours.

Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi

All returning employees must undergo Covid-19 testing, with routine testing required every two weeks subsequent to that. Staff will also be subject to frequent temperature checks.

Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, Executive Director of Tourism and Marketing at DCT Abu Dhabi said “The guidelines set out stringent criteria for the hotels to follow, which our inspectors will confirm with on-site visits. Once these high standards of health and safety are met, DCT Abu Dhabi will approve the reopening”

“We are adamant that both hotel staff and visitors should be 100 per cent confident in their own safety, as we start the resumption of ‘normal’ activities since the pandemic situation arose.”

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