Child Stars Who Haven’t Figured Out They Aren’t Famous Anymore

Being a child star means that you’re on top of the world for a while. But what goes up eventually must come down yet. Sometimes the child stars in question are in complete denial and the spotlight is taken away.

Let’s talk about someones.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe / Forbes

When the Harry Potter movies were coming out, Radcliffe was pretty much the most famous kids in the world, but fame was taking his whole on him as he got older by the time.

He was filming the Deathly Hallows part1 and 2; he had admitted that he was drinking during filming.

After the Harry Potter series was over it seems that Radcliffe’s career has slowed down dramatically.

He has since appeared on Broadway as well in several movies. But none of them bring him that same attention that Harry Potter gave him.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith/ YouTube

When Jaden Smith was a kid he seemed to have it all, he had Hollywood royalty for parents, and he had promising acting ahead of him.

The world waited with bated breath for Smith’s to take the reins from his dad and continued to have a prestigious career in Hollywood. But then he emancipated his parents. When he was 15, he announced that he was quitting Hollywood and his Twitter became the butt of everyone’s jokes.

In short, he’s lost of respect of a lot of people, and it seems that some of the creative risks he took ended up being the nail in the coffin of his career, perhaps some redemption could happen in the future primarily since he’s still known as Will Smith’s Kid. But the future is vague for this child star.

Alana Thompson

Alana Thompson/ Getty Images

You probably know her better as honey boo boo, The little pageant queen with more attitude than anyone.
Thompson and her mom Mama June got their show, when the show ended in 2014 we all assumed that Thompson and her family were done for good but there was a comeback, and it wasn’t honey boo boo’s it was her mom’s.

Mama June has been hitting the news lately after her weight loss journey her mission to find love and more.

It seems the Thompson has lost her spotlight but because she’s on her mom’s show Mama June from not too hot. She thinks she still has some fame. Unfortunately, the spotlight only has room for Mama June, and Thompson will hopefully grow up to do her own thing.

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