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Android Users Can Pay They Apps With Cash.

Google Play

Google now is using a new technique to pay for apps in India to deal with payment constraints.

In a country like India, most people use Android phones and nearly no one uses a credit card, Google decides to make a feature called “pending transactions.” which can make buying an android app easier without using a credit card.

Before buying an app on your phone was as simple as you can do it with a simple touch BUT if you don’t have a credit card it was very difficult.

Now by receiving a code, users can take to a participating retail store near them and pay cash. their app will automatically download to their devices.

Aurash Mahbod, Google’s director of engineering for the store, told TechCrunch that it is a new class of delayed form of payment — like cash, bank transfer, and direct debit.


The App Store generates more revenue than Google Play. In the third quarter of 2018, for example, the App Store generated 93% more revenue than Google Play. Even if Google’s Android operating system powers nearly three-quarters of the world’s mobile phones.

With the new “pending transactions.” the purchasing operation in countries like India where most people don’t use credit cards to pay for its apps, that’s a problem Google is hoping to solve.

This was also considered a unique approach by the economy and business experts, poor countries are markets that are rich with opportunities, big companies often focus on where the infrastructure is already in place, however, finding a solution and creating an infrastructure in poor countries to ease the product/ service delivery along with the payment -this is what Google is doing in India- will create a win win situation, where companies grow their top line and dominate on a new market, and customers who needs a certain product/ service.

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