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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body


Have you ever noticed that your body sometimes does some weird stuff? It would seem that all theses sneeze hiccups yawns and other gizmos are entirely useless and unnecessary actions, but in fact, they save our lives and protect us from all kinds of dangers literally every day.

Today we’re gonna tell you about ten strange things that our body does to protect itself. So sit back, we begin.

10. Yawn

Oh, this catching yawning one opens its mouth nearby or at least mentions this phenomenon and conversation, and you automatically start to take a deep breath and cover your mouth with a palm.

No, don’t think that yawning spreads through the air like some germs our body correctly starts this protective mechanism. For example, when we work a lot don’t sleep, much experience stress or constant tension, thanks to yawning, we get a double dose of oxygen and our brain starts to work better.

And yes if you have never yawn during our story, then you definitely have some secret abilities.

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