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10 Richest Women In The World

Beyoncé was right when she said, ” who runs the world? Girls! ” Because women are holding significant roles in huge companies around the world!

From technology to candy companies, these women have an impressive collective portfolio!

Today we are discussing 10 of the richest women in the world!

10. Jocelyn Wildenstein 500$ million

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Jocelyn Wildenstein, better known as “cat woman” has had some hiccups in her life. She was once married to a billionaire, Alec Wildenstein, who had a fascination with cats.

So much so that when Jocelyn thought her husband was no longer interested, she started to alter her face to have more feline features. In the end, Jacelyn spent 4$ Million dollars on plastic surgery, and her husband divorced her for frivolous spending habits.

She received a 2.5$Billion dollar divorce settlement along with a 100$million dollars a year for 13 years in alimony!

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